What is MiDO Digital Citizenship (MDC)

The MiDO Digital Citizenship (MDC) programme is a solution to bridge the digital divide. This platform also allows us to track, monitor and evaluate the learning that takes place. With the MDC model, we want to establish Quest (our custom-built digital learning programme) as the solution for digital education and learning.

Digital Specialised Areas

Digital Specialised Areas

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud
  • Networking
  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence

Quest LMS

Quest is a bespoke, situation-based blended programme which uses story and game-based learning elements to develop the digital foundations and literacies of participants.

Participants navigate the programme and must make decisions about privacy, social media engagement and ethics (among others) to develop as digital citizens. This approach develops empathy, requires reflection, and helps to assess the participants’ initial views related to the topics and becomes the basis for further learning throughout the Quest programme.

  • Individuals have access to learning tools at anytime, anywhere and on any smart device.
  • Equipping individuals for employment by changing their digital direction.
  • An invitation to individuals to earn a digital citizenship.