Our Purpose

We provide impact-driven digital literacy solutions. We believe in the development and growth of Africa through access to quality education and are looking for partners who share the same interest in making this a reality to young people across the continent.


The rapid change of our environment and technology has completely redefined the way work and learning integrates. It birthed the need for 21st century skills which include: creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication and digital literacy. It is crucial to understand how the modern
worker should manage the transition with the least possible disruption. To enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, South Africa must prepare the youth to be part of the new future of work.

As a result of what we do, young people build confidence in the use of technology and digital skills that are
relevant for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our next step is to scale up that impact by empowering more schools and youth institutions to do the same, hence the development of our products. When considering South Africa’s current digital divide, due to the lack of access to quality education and
the national need for youth upskilling for the future workplace, projects for digital empowerment become crucial.

Our Mission

Impact-Driven Methodology

We identified three key areas of impact and developed our products to engage them. Our learner centred empowerment approach is designed to engage these key impact areas.

We belief that gamification is key to enable the engagement that we seek from the learner. Gamification is the application of typical elements of playing such as rules of play, point scoring and competition with others. Through our involvement with schools and youth we have gained valuable experience to train and develop both teachers and learners in the use and integration of technology. We integrate the data collection and analysis process to capture, measure, improve and scale the impact made from the engagements with the products.

The MiDO Foundation

The aim of MiDO Foundation is to change lives through technology.  MiDO operates in the context that is greatly divided along socio-economic lines. This divide is made even more evident in the digital divide as learners with access to content via internet connectivity and smart devices are leading the way. This is in stark contrast with learners who do not have this access rely on free internet and donated and often times outdated devices.

The MiDO Foundation business model is based on partnerships and collaboration with various stakeholders. To achieve the common shared goal of changing lives through technology we invite additional partners and stakeholders to team up and pull resources together so that we can make an impact in the lives of our learners.